Highcross 6-channel relay switch EPM-RL6D


The Highcross CPM-RL6D is a 6-channel lighting control module designed to support switching of non-dimmable lighting and fans. In addition, the CPM-RL6D features six digital inputs, allowing standard momentary switches to trigger events with or without a control system. A single model supports 220-250 Volt applications. Each channel handles incandescent loads up to 8 Amps, fluorescent loads up to 4 Amps, and also motors up to 2kW.

Key features:

  • 6 channels of power switching
  • 6 discrete inputs for manual control
  • Types of manual control: On, Off, Toggle
  • Max. voltage: 250V AC
  • Max. current: 8A
  • Setup via own web interface
  • 6M wide DIN rail mounting
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