Highcross 4-channel IR module ECM-IR4B


The Highcross ECM-IR4B is a universal multifunctional IR-control device with internal memory to store up to 1020 IR tracks. Designed to control audio & video, air conditioners and many other home appliances. Has an intellectual IR-learner to parse unique and repeating sequences. Although it is functional as a standalone device, it delivers greatly enhanced functionality as part of a complete home automation system. Usable own web interface provides easy configuration and upload of IR-files.

Key features:

  • 4 independent IR ports;
  • Internal IR-learner 20-80 kHz with intellectual code parser
  • 3 levels of external IR emitters: 5, 25, 30 mA
  • Power of internal IR blaster - 200 mA
  • Carrier frequency of IR commands 20-500 kHz
  • Type of data files for IR commands:
    IRL (AMX), IR (Crestron), PHEX (ProntoHEX)
  • Max. commands per channel - 255
  • Max. command length - 1000 strobes
  • IR-receiver 20...78 kHz to receive IR commands from external remote controls
  • Setup via own web interface
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