About Highcross


Highcross Ltd. is a solution provider for home and building automation. The idea of our hardware is very simple - to use the most common Ethernet networks and the most common protocol TCP/IP as a native transmission media. This ensures our systems to be simple, reliable, affordable and that it will remain widespread for decades to come.

Our devices are compatible with virtually anything that has an Ethernet jack. Founded in 2007, the company's mission is to make Ethernet the most common solution for home automation and to bring home automation to a unified standard.

Highcross products provide solutions to both the industry professional and to the consumer - significantly reducing costs and providing a scalable platform for today and the future. Our belief in open systems and in the evolution of the control and automation market is taking a leading role nowadays, since cost-effective PC based and phone based control applications are now becoming widely available.

Highcross devices radically change the control and automation dynamic by offering an easy and flexible way to connect almost any electronic device to a TCP/IP network so it can be accessed, automated, monitored, and controlled. Our products are engineered to integrate easily into any control environment, even high-end proprietary systems, providing a path to open systems and better competitive leverage.

We strive to maintain the highest level service to our valued customers and industry partners. We welcome your inquiries and comments and look forward to the opportunity of working with you."

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